Mobile Banking App Development: Steps and Key Features Explained

After forming your team of developers, it is time to implement your financial software development strategy and workflow. Platform as a Service provides operating system services that allow the management of applications and data storage in the cloud. For example, AWS Beanstalk is a fully managed service that streamlines the deployment and management of software applications. It supports several programming languages and IDEs and handles load balancing, application scaling, monitoring, etc. Hire expert software developers for your next project 62 Expert dev teams, 1,200 top developers 300+ Businesses trusted us since 2016 Get started now 1. It is a modern programming language built by Apple to design and develop iOS apps with safety and speed.

This includes the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council , Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), and Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). Also, Payment Application-Qualified Security Accessors (PA-QSA), SOX, Dodd-Frank, Check 21, and the Securities Act of 1933. Mobile Channel Manager is the mobile banking engine for ACI Universal Online Banker. It provides your customers with anytime, anywhere mobile access to all their banking needs, helping you grow your customer base and increase loyalty. Google Play Market, Apple’s App Store, and Microsoft Store have different requirements banking app developers must follow so that your app submission goes smoothly.

Core Banking System Integrations

For better security, ask your development team to create custom APIs if it is possible within a limited time range. ScienceSoft revamped the mobile banking apps and provided IT consulting services for Kapital Bank, Azerbaijan’s oldest commercial bank with over $3.5B in assets. With ScienceSoft’s help, the Customer improved its in-house mobile development processes and got fast and cost-effective mobile app evolution.

mobile banking software development

Voice navigation to enable app users to perform mobile banking operations on the go. When you set out to build a banking app, personalization should definitely be on your list of priorities. Customers like personally curated experiences and are more willing to engage with them.

Research Phase, Estimation & UX/UI Design

Since the start of our cooperation in 2016, ScienceSoft has been a reliable tech partner in our mobile banking development projects. We are impressed with their pragmatic project management, quality-first mindset, and transparent communication. ScienceSoft’s solution architects, developers, and QA engineers are true experts in their fields and have shown deep understanding of the mobile banking specifics, which is critical for our business. Already have a mobile banking app that requires upgrading to bring more value? Our experts can revamp the app’s tech design and codebase and evolve it with the required features. All of these safety measures will not only increase the security of your mobile banking app, but also make users trust your solution more.

  • Banks must make sure that the budget they keep is attractive enough for leading banking software developers to quote.
  • The cost of developing an app for a bank varies between $100,000–$500,000.
  • Technology is probably the top thing capable of making any business differ from its competitors.
  • The advantage is that businesses no longer need to invest in physical infrastructure beyond a few laptops and a wifi connection.
  • Being engaged in the diverse array of cooperation schemes and approaches to software development, we know how to find the best interplay of our team’s key strengths and the specific demands of each client.

Streamline financial operations with automation and experience increase in efficiency, accuracy, and performance. Inoxoft has the resource to achieve automation goals with the best technology stack. Knowing your competitors, market state, development trends, who your users are is essential to develop a unique value proposition/business model. The KYC process refers to verifying your customers are who they claim they are , as well as assessing and monitoring risks. KYC procedures help limit fraud, prevent and identify money laundering, terrorism financing, and other corruption schemes through Proof of Identity and Proof of Address . To ease the lives of your customers, enable searching for ATMs and branch locations nearby with information on the services provided, operating hours, and directions.

What Makes Us, Nimble AppGenie

Clients with extremely busy schedules will appreciate having the weight of some to-do tasks off their shoulders. Just ensure they always stay in control of the situation by having the app send notifications about the payments made. Finding your physical bank branch should be easy for your customers. Having the map locations within the app will enable them to easily find the nearby ATM or bank branch.

Find a short selection of almost 400 clients that use our services worldwide. Implement encryption and security protocols by referring to following table, which explains data privacy guidelines. Once the prototype is finalized, the UI/UX design of the app will begin, which we will discuss in the next step.

must-have mobile banking app features

They should also know the solutions to prevent them, for instance, data encryption algorithms like DES and RSA. The modern language offers features like null safety, type inference, lambda expressions, etc., which reduce boilerplate code and make the development process efficient. It offers features like optionals, type inference, automatic memory management, etc., which ensure reliability and stability in iOS apps. Native iOS app development skills are required for devices operating on the iOS operating system, such as the iPhone, iPad, etc. iOS developers should be skilled in Swift or Objective-C programming language.

mobile banking software development

We know what to offer and which technologies to use to achieve the necessary result. Build a platform that will automate time-consuming loan management and simplify prospecting. Data integration best practices provide your app with external features instead of building them from scratch.

Some of Our Projects

It is also essential to do extensive research and ask for references from past clients. The selected IT partner must be reliable, responsive, and transparent in communication throughout the development process. By choosing the right software development company, , you can be assured that the banking application is developed to the highest standards and meets all your requirements. He has 20+ years of experience helping startups and enterprises with custom software solutions to drive maximum results. Under his leadership, Space-O has won the 8th GESIA annual award for being the best mobile app development company. We have experienced app developers who are skilled in building excellent mobile banking apps with the latest industry standards.

mobile banking software development

We apply the latest security technologies to adhere to the current cybersecurity standards. To check how compliant with regulations our software is, we use penetration testing. Together with our customers, we discuss security requirements before the project starts. We offer all the necessary expertise to design, build and launch mobile & web apps. We’ve covered the basic and advanced functionality of a banking app for mobile. Let’s now review some of the real-case examples of the apps with innovative banking solutions that helped gain client loyalty, as well as competitiveness in the market.

Custom alerts

Collect your customers’ feedback, increase the performance, and implement new features if needed. Providing 24/7 customer support to your clients is a must in the modern world. After all, people may be across different time zones and would need any issues to be resolved quickly. Besides round-the-clock contact centers and chat features, you may want to improve the user experience even further.